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Fred Beer

Fuckin assholes think that they own the south sea



Yes, they do own it, as was recognized by the United Nations at the end of WWII. Surprise? When the US Navy wanted to conduct underwater survey of the South China Sea, guess to whom the US gvt sent notification? Yes, the Chinese Government / The Republic of China.



don bora

bloody chinese


k price

lol. well the Chinese shouldn"t complain when their boats get sunk by Argentina for example.


Samantha Smith(回复楼上)

Please learn more about the situation. China did this because the Vietnamese repeatedly ignored China's warnings and intruded into China's territory. South China Sea belongs to China and Vietnam needs to accept this fact.


Richard Guglielmi

Chinks think they own the South China Sea ? Fuck them!!



Chinks. They sent that ship down to the bottom how many did they kill ? By their action they are saying this is our ocean you have no right to make a living. I call them chinks?



I hope the chnis ppl Fucking drown and been in hell for all of ther lives


Nathan Wang(回复楼上)

Because you"re one of the crews on the sinked ship? oh damn man you're already in the hell man!!!!!?


Nick N(好像在喷楼上)

Nathan Wang is a Chinese communist sympathizers that lives in America. Why are u here if u think China is great. Typical dirty Chinaman that should go home on ship container just like the way you came with your species. I support erradicating all Chinaman and cockroach in U.S. and the world.?

Nathan Wang是个住在美国的共产主义中国的支持者。如果你觉得中国很棒你为何在美国?你这典型的肮脏的中国人你应该躲进货物集装箱回家就像你和你的同类们来美国的方式一样。我支持消灭所有在美国及世界上的中国人和蟑螂。

Dear Channe

how about arm the vietnam fishers?

when china did this again, use Speed boat and embark to chinese fishing ship then take back all of its stolen fish from vietnamese ZEE?



Patricia Datu

fucking chinese stealing everything fuck your mother land chinese people. a nation of fake products and imitate products


Congan Hochiminh

The arrogant China at work, deSpicable act of barbarism. They are the worst government in the world. Start deporting Chinese illegal workers from Vietnam now!


xingyu QIAN(汉语回复)



Nan Jiang

I support China 100%. Over the last several decades, only Chinese fishermen were killed in several incidents by both Viet and Filipinos. I remember just last year Filipino military police opened fire on a helpless Taiwanese fishing vessel and killed one fisherman on spot. What do you guys say about that? I am just amazed how tolerate the Chinese government is during this clash. We won"t step back for a single inch of our territory. If you Viets and Flips want war, we will give you one. Then you can find out whether or not your U.S. daddy is willing to risk a full-scale war against China or just abandon you little dogs like he just did in UkRaine.?



Tseng Lim(回复1)

Idiot, that Taiwanese fisherman was poaching in under Philippine jurisdiction and Economic Zone.


Quan Nguyen(回复2)

If China could prove to the world that the Paracel Islands and Spratly Islands belong to China, then I would support China. (I'm from Vietnam)


Phuong Huynh(回复3)

Poor chinese, living in mainland too long to be brainwash?


Phuong Huynh(回复4)

You should learn from Hongkong, Taiwan and Singapore to open up your mind. They are chinese, but i love them.


Phuong Huynh(回复5,这位义愤填膺,一口气回三条)

Btw i have Hongkonese friend, he like people call him hongkonese instead of chinese, what is wrong with chinese mainland gov?


adrian geronimo(回复6)

you fucking dirty dog chinks have caused more trouble and deaths on a daily basis more than adolf fucking hitler. so fuck you and your whole entire country. that vid above is a perfect example of your country and people"s incompetence.

你们这些操蛋的卑鄙狗中国人,你们天天都在引发更多的麻烦和死亡,比希特勒还多!所以操你们和你们整个国家。上面的视频是你们国家和人民无能的完美例子。  luc yuki(回复7,汉语回复)


Ngoc phu Kieu(回复8,汉语回复)


Ngoc phu Kieu(回复9,汉语回复,感觉有机翻痕迹)


Ngoc phu Kieu(回复10,汉语回复,这位也是一口气回复三条)



Hi?u Nguy?n

In Chinese, letter 人 is very easy to write, but very hard to learn. The inhuman Chinese people.


S.H. CHEN(回复楼上)

There is no 人 in Vietnam, just fucking monkeys.

在越南没有“人”,只有操蛋的猴子.  John Bok

I am from UK and this is against every law there is! The Chinese are NOTHING but ANIMALS. Worse in fact! Modern day pirates, who need slapping down big time. They have it coming to them soon. Not even stop to pick up survivors. What a bunch of assholes!?


Danny Nguyen

China is a big nation...but wanted to invading the sea territories of Japan, Philippine, and Vietnam...The whole world can see who right and who wrong??? I hope the NATO or JAPAN-PHILIPPINE and VIETNAM GET UNITED and TEACH CHINA A LESSON.

I am myself can do at this time...every time I go shop anything that said MADE IN CHINA ...I REFUSED TO BUY...BOYCOTT ALL THE CHINA PRODUCTS!!!




Many Chinese fishman dead by vietnam and phillipe…why nobody report it?A Taiwanese fishman shot by philipines police,why you guys donot know?are you guys selective inattention?


patrick levet

You fucking Chinese asshole get the fuck off the internet it belongs to the Americans. Everyone else is allowed to use it but you!


Hen ry(回复楼上)

WOW, funny。What do you think you are ? You are just a low-level dog....go fucking yourself.


YU Hefei

I am from China. It is obvious that China is protecting its own territory. You invaders how can be so shameless. What do you expect China to do? We have already warn you too many times!


건우야 김Rim Jin(回复楼上)

Fuck the mainland Chinese who are from China


king kobe

im from hongkong and we hate china!


Corey Mountbatten(回复楼上)

In 1997, Americans and British sold short HongKong"s stock market, and Chinese Central Bank put $300 billion into HongKong to support the market, that's how Hongkong is where she is today. Wake up young man, what do you know about freedom??


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